General Racing Rules

We all want to see clean and fair racing.  Here are some very simple rules that we must use to ensure that everyone has a fun experience.


In practice sessions if you have a faster car come up behind you it is courtesy to let them pass you.  As in real life racing, in practice sessions this isn't a hard fixed rule, but it's the gentlemanly thing to do.  Show you fellow racers respect.

In Qualifying sessions you should allow a faster car pass.  If you are on a cool down lap or out lap then you MUST move off the racing line and allow the pass to happen cleanly.  If you are on a hot lap and a faster car needs to pass you then it is courtesy to allow them to pass.  DO NOT race them as contact or a crash will simply slow you both down.  In qualifying you are against the clock, not other drivers. 


When racing remember that motorsport is in most cases a non contact sport.  A little bit of paint rubbing will happen from time to time that is inevitable.

When making or attempting a pass you must allow a cars width on the track.  In other words you must not force the other car off the road.

When chasing a car down and approaching a braking point don't sit too close behind.  The car in front might have worn tyres or the driver might not be as experienced as you and he may need to brake earlier than than you expect.  You don't want to be ramming him off the track.  An impact like this can not only ruin his car and race it can also lead to radiator damage to your car which in turn could lead to your engine blowing.


Under no circumstance will blatant ramming or intentionally pushing another car off the track be tolerated.  If you believe this has happened you should save the replay at the end of the race.  In fact we encourage everyone to save the replay.  DO NOT quit the game before it returns to the lobby.  This can cause cars not to appear in replays.

Video replays will be viewed by the groups admin to determine if there was an infringement of the group fair racing policy.  A grievance must be made to the group admins with supporting video replay evidence within 24 hours of the race / incident.

In a championship or cup race if a driver is determined to have broken the fair racing rules he/she maybe deducted points from that race, or if they didn't score any points, from there championship points total.  In extreme cases the driver may be disqualified from race points or even the championship.

All complaints and punishments will be decided on a case by case basis.  If you receive a punishment you have the right to appeal.  Your appeal must be made within 24 hours of the initial judgement against you.  Once an appeal has been dealt with that decision will be final.

Jump Starts

If you happen to jump the start the game will usually give you an automatic drive through penalty.  If you jump the start and carry on, gaining a time advantage over the rest of the grid, a drive through penalty will not be as effective as it should be.  In this situation it is advised that you slow down and allow the rest of the grid to pass you in a safe manner before the end of the first lap.  This is a '

honour system

' and as we are all fair and clean racers in this group I'm sure members will abide by this.  The group admin's maintain the right to hand out additional time penalties for people who don't follow this '

honour system'

.  A time penalty will be added to the overall race time.


There is some nice simple advice in the following videos about race craft.  Well worth watching.

These rules are still under construction and may be amended and/or revised at any time.

written by John Wells